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Consultation and Design

Consultation and Design

Consultation Services

Whether you're just looking for a little advice or want to begin an in-depth design project, an On-Site Consultation is a great place to start.

Our consultation services include a visit to your home (business or construction site) where one of our professional consultants will review the property and discuss your potential landscaping objectives and budget - both short term and long term - in great detail. We will also discuss any problems or unusual circumstances that may exist on your property (poor drainage, hidden stumps, etc.) and any plants or landscaping styles that appeal to you. After we have discussed the necessary information, the consultant will make verbal recommendations for changes and improvements to your current landscaping, as well as suggestions for new installation work that will enhance the aesthetics, value, and usability of your property.

To get the most out of your consultation, it is important that both you and your consultant are properly prepared with adequate information about your property and landscaping objectives. Prior to the consultation meeting we ask you to fill out our Customer Questionnaire to prioritize your own landscaping needs and wants. In addition to the questionnaire, we also request (if available):

  • Photos of the property
  • Property plot plan or survey
  • Pictures of plants or landscaping projects that you like
  • Location of all underground utilities.

Consultation and Design

Design Services

Orsini Landscaping provides a full range of design services that vary based on the complexity of a job - from complete design and build plans to detailed plans for the Do-It-Yourselfers. The design process begins with a meeting where we will ask a variety of questions to determine your exact landscaping needs, wants, and budget. We will also conduct a survey of the property or review your building plan at this time. With the information we collect, we will design a plan and provide a pricing sheet that lays out our suggestions for your site, the materials, and how much it will cost to install.

With a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University, owner and designer David Orsini is fully prepared to help you map out your exact landscaping needs, whether it is a simple backyard patio, a planting selection, or a complex multilayered design concept. Our goal is to design a plan that will be both functional and personal - a true reflection of the property owner's vision.

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