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Firepits & Fireplaces

Firepits & Fireplaces

Nothing warms a gathering like a backyard fireplace or fire pit. They create a homey and welcoming atmosphere that encourages you to spend more time outdoors. Not even a nip in the air will keep you indoors! Apart from providing warmth, these can also be used as cooking sources and therefore have to be built with a great deal of care and with specific materials.

Factors to Consider

Orsini Landscaping has been installing fire pits and fireplaces at many homes in Albany, Saratoga Springs and Troy and throughout the Hudson Valley. When you hire our services to get these fireplaces or fire pits installed, there are a number of factors that have to be taken into account, such as:

Firepits & Fireplaces
  • Placement - The spot where you decide to position the fire pit or fireplace has to be chosen with care. You will have to keep in mind that it is a fire source and that the actual structure will also absorb and throw out a certain amount of heat. The placement and position of a suitable seating area around it have to be planned with safety in mind.

  • Materials - Fire pits and fireplaces can be made of various materials such as brick, stone and concrete. We will take the styling of your home and landscaping into account and suggest the appropriate materials for these features. Apart from the materials that are used to clad the exterior, the interior structure will also have to be created with fire-proof materials.

  • Fuels - This is a very important decision. If you choose to use gas as fuel, we will have to plan for an extension of the gas line from your home to the fireplace or fire pit. Alternatively, you can use wood to fire it, but some areas may have restrictions around burning wood. You can also use a propane starter and a propane tank will have to be installed near the fireplace or pit.

  • Design - Your fire pit or fireplace can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. We always recommend that you keep your budget in view and we will provide you with the best designs and concepts within your price range.

The Focal Point

We focus on creating fire pits and fireplaces that are low-maintenance and durable. After all, when you create any kind of outdoor element, it will have to be able to withstand the elements and has to be made with the strongest, long-lasting materials. If you a looking to install customized fire pits and fireplaces on your property, email us via our website or call Orsini Landscaping on 518-355-3004.

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