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Landscape Enhancements

Landscape Enhancements, Schenectady, NY

Every landscape has greenscapes and hardscapes and using these in the right proportions helps create well-balanced and functional spaces. But sometimes, outdoor spaces need more than just the basic installations, which is where landscape enhancements come in. At Orsini Landscaping, we can design, plan, and install landscape enhancements to add interest and uniqueness to a landscape.

Our designers are creative and have in-depth knowledge and awareness of the latest landscaping trends. They will help design the perfect landscape enhancements to create focal points in your outdoor spaces.

Customized Landscape Enhancements

There are many different enhancements or decorative additions you can opt for, including:

Fire Boulders

These features can be constructed using natural bluestone rocks with the core scooped out to form a crater. A hole in the boulder's base allows for a gas line extension into the cut section. Fire boulders resemble fire pits and are quite unusual and appealing. Installation is a breeze because the fire boulders come complete with a flex-pipe gas line and a stainless-steel burner plate. Additionally, they have a child-resistant safety shut-off valve. Connect the gas line to the primary gas line in your property, and you'll be able to get a crackling fire going within minutes.

Outdoor Paver Art

We get a lot of requests for these custom elements and incorporate them into a variety of landscaping projects. We can create paver designs to include logos or other specific motifs that hold significance for you. These motifs are not painted on the pavers. We construct them meticulously with high-quality, pigmented, robust, long-lasting concrete pavers. They look like inlay and are perfect for sidewalks, porches, entryways, patios, decks, and other outdoor surfaces.

Bluestone Benches

If you have some natural stone features in your landscape, installing a bluestone bench can help create a stunning focal point. Complementing retaining walls or pavers are attractive additions to any yard. While some designs are widely accessible, others can be customized. It is a highly durable stone that can also be sliced thinly. These thin pieces of bluestone are perfect for cladding boundary walls and outdoor furniture.

Customized Metal Railings

Decorative metal railings are an excellent addition to any residential or commercial outdoor space. We have provided the finest metal railings as unique features to create magnificent effects. They are the perfect embellishment for decks, terraces, patios, walks, and stairs. The beauty of these components is that they are entirely customizable, and we can create designs that perfectly complement the appearance of your home or commercial building.

High-Quality Landscape Enhancements

When designing and installing these elements and features, we use high-grade materials and products for improved longevity and hardiness. Our team takes the time to understand your requirements and ideas before coming up with plans and designs that align with your needs. We aim to exceed client expectations in every project, so you get value for money when you hire us.

For more details about our landscape enhancement services, please call Orsini Landscaping at 518-355-3004 or drop us a line via this Contact Us form. One of our experts will call you soon to discuss your project requirements.

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