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Grill Islands & Bars

Outdoor Living

If you and your family enjoy the outdoors and like to spend your weekends out in the yard, grilling foods of different kinds, then grill islands are a must-have for you. Not only are they highly functional and a good investment but they will become a reason to invite friends over and socialize in the comfort of your beautiful home. Outdoor living spaces and well-equipped kitchens are now all the craze in Saratoga, Loudonville, Lake George and many of the surrounding areas.

The Benefits

Outdoor Living

Orsini Landscaping has found that homeowners throughout the Capital District are calling in for quotes and ideas about the installation of grill islands and bars. These could be additions to their existing outdoor kitchen areas or part of a completely new installation of outdoor living space. We handle projects of every scale and put a lot of insight and planning into these spaces. Here are some distinct benefits to having a grill island and outdoor bar:

  • Safety - If you have concerns about the stability of a standalone grill being placed on your deck or patio, consider installing grill islands. They are sturdy and made of stone or brick. This protects the actual grill from the elements. It will also be secure, with no chances of toppling over or being stolen by thieves.

  • Storage Space - We can customize these features for you by adding cabinets, drawers, a refrigerator or a wine cooler. Stock up on your cooking and entertaining supplies outside and forget about hauling all the tools out from the kitchen every time you plan on firing up the grill or pouring a cocktail.

  • Outdoor Living
  • Buffet & Dining Space - If you like entertaining on a regular basis and tend to invite a larger number of people over to your house, the extra buffet and dining space that a grill island or outdoor bar offers really comes in handy. They are functional and the food can be set upright on the grill island instead of on the kitchen counters or patio table. It frees up space very effectively and leaves more dining space for you and your guests.

  • Outdoor Living
  • Attraction Quotient - Well-designed grill islands and bars add a distinct aesthetic appeal to the outdoor spaces on your property. When we design them for you, we style them to complement your landscaping and home adding to its appeal.

Once you have a grill island or outdoor bar, you will also want some other equipment to go with it. Adding a simple water feature to the deck or an outdoor brick oven to the patio space is a great way of completing the look and function of that area and it’s convenient as well.

Make your relaxation and entertainment time even more enjoyable, just dial 518-355-3004 and speak with the knowledgeable representatives at Orsini Landscaping for all your outdoor living needs. We will provide you with customized solutions and the most budget-friendly quotes.

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