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No garden is complete without plantings like trees, shrubs, perennials. They define the landscape, give it a visual break and indicate its limits. It takes a lot more than just some pretty flowers to create a complete landscape. Trees make the space look grand and can be used as privacy screens and shrubs can be used to delineate your property. Fences can be lined with grasses and bare walls filled with vines to provide a very unique look.

Orsini Landscaping has created the most stunning landscapes in and around Guilderland, Niskayuna, Loudonville, Delmar and Slingerlands with a variety of carefully chosen plantings. When we handle your landscaping project, we take a number of factors into account. Plantings can’t be selected solely on the way they look. It’s not as simple as going to a nursery and picking them at random. As a matter of fact, a lot of planning goes into picking the right combination of plants.


Important Factors

This is where our expertise comes into the picture. Our planting professionals pick every plant with a great deal of care. We think about its watering needs, its eventual shape and size. There is a big difference between choosing an annual and a woody plant. Apart from the care it takes to ensure that plants grow well in the initial year, it is also important to:

  • Pick the right plant
  • Choose the right spot to plant it
  • Understand the soil type
  • Keep the climatic conditions in view
  • Consider its watering needs
  • Check what kind of drainage is required

Other Factors


The other things that we take into consideration are the depth that the roots grow. If you opt for plantings whose roots grow deep into the ground and spread wide, these plants have to be planted at a distance from your home or any outdoor structure on your property. Over a period of time, as trees and plants mature, their roots grow stronger and can potentially damage the foundation of your house. These and several other factors have to be taken into account while choosing plantings for any landscape.

Well-Planned Landscaping

With proper placement, your plantings can afford a lot of privacy without having to actually construct any kind of wall or fence. Carefully chosen shrubs will enhance the natural beauty of perennials and annuals. Strategically selected grasses and bushes will provide a pop of color and contrast against the winter snow. A well-designed landscape from Orsini Landscaping will focus on the shape, texture and color of the plants so that your garden will look attractive and alluring year-round.

When Orsini Landscaping handles your landscape project, we ensure that all the plants, trees and shrubs come from certified nurseries and that mulch and other materials are of the highest available quality. Contact us via email through our website or call us on 518-355-3004, for a quote on plantings and landscaping today.

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