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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Landscape designing incorporates a number of elements and lighting is one that tends to get sidelined yet it makes the biggest overall impact. Time and again we hear “I am so glad we did the lighting. I feel like I am at a resort!” Not only does it make your property look livelier and more inviting, when you light up outdoor living spaces, pathways and walkways as well as accent elements in the landscape, but it also encourages you to actually use all those areas more. In addition, it also adds to the safety and security of your property.

Unique Lighting Solutions

Today there are a number of outdoor lighting options and Orsini Landscaping is very creative with the manner in which planning and installation are carried out. When we design landscapes for you, our lighting experts work with our designers to ensure that all the unique features of the landscape are illuminated appropriately to enhance their beauty. Every garden and yard is different and we ensure complete customization of landscape lighting solutions for all customers.

We can provide different looks based on your individual tastes and can follow a minimalistic, statement, symmetrical, or accent approach, as per the requirement. Every solution that we provide is specifically designed to showcase the landscape and the individual features of your home and will draw the eye to all the outdoor areas on your property and make the outdoor living spaces a part of the lovely indoor areas of your home.

Landscape Lighting

Environment-Friendly Options

Well-planned outdoor lighting is always a combination of aesthetics and functionality and that is what we aim to achieve in all of our projects. We use LED lights wherever possible. These lights are cost-effective, low maintenance and environment-friendly. They provide 80% more efficient than incandescent lights and are now the preferred option for all kinds of lighting requirements. Older lighting systems can be retrofitted to also utilize LED lights.

Professional and Efficient Services

Landscape Lighting

Some contractors work on templates when it comes to planning outdoor lighting solutions, and that is exactly where we do things differently. Once you contact us, we do not provide you with a quote immediately. We visit your home and survey the entire property before providing you with a quote that will fit comfortably in your budget. The entire work is handled in a very professional and time-efficient manner and you will not be inconvenienced by any kind of intrusion.

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