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Drainage Solutions

Drainage Solutions

Apart from regular maintenance and watering, lawns and landscapes must have appropriate drainage solutions. Typically, your property should be able to handle all the moisture and rainfall that comes its way and the excess water should be flushed out through the sewer system, but there are times when it doesn’t. If you find unwanted pools of water in any part of your landscaping after a shower or storm, there is a distinct possibility that you have drainage issues. There are 2 types of drainage problems:

  • Surface Water - This problem occurs whenever the water collects in different segments of your property like the driveway or the lawn as there is no other place it can go.

  • Sub-surface Water - This can prove to be an even bigger problem. The excess water gets trapped just below the visible surface, collects and then gets frozen. This can lead to damage to the paving and foundation of your home.

But Orsini Landscaping can provide you with specialized drainage solutions regardless of how complicated the problem is. We have been serving hundreds of satisfied customers in Rotterdam, Albany and Cohoes as well as many other surrounding areas. When you call us, our specialized personnel survey the entire area very carefully and then plan the perfect drainage solution for the existing problem.

Different Issues

Drainage Solutions

Though drains are not typically visible, these systems are extremely important in landscapes and gardens. A properly functioning and effective drainage will prevent the accumulation of excess water. It also prevents water from flowing/seeping into the areas that it should not be seeping into, like any lower spaces in the landscape or the foundation of your home. The drainage solutions we provide prevent issues like:

  • Soil erosion
  • Flooding
  • Soil compaction & scarring
  • Leaks & moisture intrusion

The Solutions

Most drainage issues arise from incorrect grading techniques that have been used during the construction phase. Once our team has assessed the issue, you will be provided with a customized drainage solutions like:

  • Dry creeks - These are effective and look very beautiful too. We can create shallow troughs right across the biggest problem areas and then line them with pebbles and stones. This encourages a natural and gentle drainage flow.

  • French drains - These are generally perforated pipes that channel water in a certain direction. We cover these pipes with gravel and rock which aids filtration and water flow and also helps in keeping the pipes in place. They are ideal drainage solutions for flooded basements.

  • Trench drains - These concrete channels can be seen on the surface of the ground and will be fitted with filters/grates. They take care of all the puddling and pooling that is taking place on your property.

  • Permeable pavers - If you are considering repaving some areas of your home, we can use permeable pavers which help in addressing drainage problems. These pavers have small gaps which permit the water to pass through the paved surface.

Do not let water damage your property. Call Orsini Landscaping for expert and professional drainage solutions, on 518-355-3004. You can also drop us a mail via our website and we will call you.

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