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Custom Details

Landscape Enhancements

Once the basic elements of landscaping and outdoor living spaces are in place, homeowners start considering some additional elements that add a certain amount of aesthetics and personality to their place. Many of these custom details also serve some specific functions. The interesting part of these details is that they can simply be added to outdoor spaces that have already been designed and installed.

Detailed Beauty

Orsini Landscaping can supply you with all the custom details you need for your landscape and outdoor living areas. Let’s take a look at some of the popular additions that add a custom touch to your home and its surroundings:

Landscape Enhancements
  • Fire Boulders - These are natural boulders, the center of which is carved out to create a crater. A hole at the bottom of the boulder allows a gas line to be extended into the curved portion. They are fire pits of sorts and look very unique and attractive. Installation is simple as the fire boulders are available with the flex-pipe gas line as well as a burner plate made of stainless steel. They are also fitted with a child-resistant shut-off valve. The gas line simply has to be connected to the main gas line in your home and you can have a fire going in no time at all.

  • Bluestone Bench - A Bluestone bench with complementing tables and chairs is a very elegant addition to your garden. Though some designs are readily available, you can also order customized ones. This is a very hard stone and can also be worked into a very fine thickness, which makes it ideal for strong outdoor furniture that will last a lifetime.

  • Metal Custom Railings - These are a definite value-add to any home and outdoor space. We have supplied the most exquisite metal railings as custom details to create stunning effects and to accessorize areas like decks, patios, walkways and staircases. The uniqueness of these elements lies in the fact that they are completely custom.

  • Landscape Enhancements Landscape Enhancements
  • Paver Art - We are now taking custom paver designs to a new level! Supply us with your logo, an insignia, crest, or any special motif and we can have it turned into custom paver art. These paver designs aren’t painted on. They are carefully crafted with high quality, pigmented and durable concrete pavers. They are inlays that can be installed in patios, entry walks, a driveway or any other outdoor space you like.

Creating effects with custom details is something we handle with a lot of creativity and expertise. If you want to add a unique look to any outdoor space on your property, call Orsini Landscaping on 518-355-3004, or drop us an email via our official website and we will contact you.

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