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Greenscapes, Schenectady, NY

Without trees, plants, and shrubbery, no landscape is complete. These living elements define the terrain, provide visual contrast, and denote its boundaries. A well-planned and well-balanced landscape require much more than a few lovely plants.

Trees provide grandeur to the space, while hedges may be employed as privacy screens or specify a property's boundary lines. Climbing plants may be used to cover trellises, fences, pergolas, and bare walls, creating a very distinctive effect. With a range of carefully chosen plants, Orsini Landscaping has produced gorgeous landscapes in Schenectady and the surrounding areas.

Greenscapes Planning and Layout

When we start any landscaping work, we consider various aspects. It’s crucial to select plants carefully and not just based on their appearance. It is not as straightforward as visiting a nursery and randomly selecting plants. And considerable thought and planning go into choosing the optimal plant composition.

This is when our experience comes in handy. Our greenscape specialists select each plant with great care. We consider watering requirements, as well as its future shape and size. There is a significant difference in choosing an annual vs. a perennial tree or plant. Apart from the care required to ensure that flowers thrive throughout their first year, it is also critical to:

  • Choose the appropriate plants
  • Choose suitable spots for planting them
  • Recognize the soil type
  • Bear in mind the climatic conditions
  • Consider their hydration requirements.
  • Determine the type of drainage required

Additional Factors We Consider

Apart from the abovementioned factors, we assess the depth to which the roots develop. If you choose plantings with deep, spreading roots, they must be spaced away from your dwelling or any other outdoor building on your land. As trees and plants develop, their roots become more robust and can wreak havoc on your home's foundation. These and numerous other considerations must be made while selecting vegetation for any landscape.

We are systematic and careful in our approach to every greenscape planning and installation project. This approach ensures that our clients ultimately have attractive, water-efficient, low-maintenance landscapes with significantly reduced ongoing upkeep costs.

We are systematic and careful while planning and installing greenscapes, ensuring that our clients ultimately have attractive, water-efficient, low-maintenance landscapes with significantly reduced ongoing upkeep costs. We can install a variety of bushes and hedges on your property if it is next to a busy street- these plants provide some privacy while creating a sound barrier and adding greenery to the space.

Custom Designed Greenscapes

A well-planned landscape can provide significant privacy without the need for stone barriers. Numerous shrubs also contribute to the natural grandeur of annual and ornamental plants. When we take on a landscaping project, we source all the shrubs, plants, and trees from approved nurseries, and all mulch, organic manure, and other materials are of the best quality.

For more details about our greenscape design and installation services, please call Orsini Landscaping at 518-355-3004 or drop us a line via this Contact Us form. One of our experts will call you soon to discuss your project requirements.

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